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July 23, 2019

You can save the world by investing in cattle by 15% of your income.

Have you heard of artificially grown beef? They are laboratory grown beef without killing animals, produced with a sample of muscle from an experimented animal. The stem cells are collected from the tissue, multiplied and allowed to be differentiated into crude fibres which bulk up to form muscle tissue. According to Mosa Meat in America, a tissue sample from a cow will produce 80,000 quarter-pounders arising from the built-up muscle tissue. Back in 2013, burger made from lab-grown meat was being presented to journalists. It was however recorded to be overly dry, has an unusual taste and expensive to produce. In recent years, advancement had met with more innovation as a number of start-ups proclaim that they will have these products for sale in the next few years. There were stated excuses or advantages that Lab-grown meat has over natural cattle, they are;

Artificial meat was said to be clean meat because they don`t undergo the dirty process of meat slaughtering and dissecting.
Artificial meat reduces the cruel treatment of animals raised for consumption.
They cut down the environmental costs of meat production and transportation.
Available resources will be used to cultivate and maintain a cultured cell not an entire animal right from parturition.

Subsequently, notable disadvantages have been observed from the other perspective; rearing animals more preferably to generating meat from laboratories. The demerits are stated below;
Increased breeding of meat-producing animals will rise up to conquer the world`s population without the essence of artificial meat.
Artificial meat is much more expensive than natural meat and hence, not affordable for everyone.
There are more alternatives to enlarging the meat market other than producing meat in the laboratories. Aside rearing animals, we now have plant-based meat substitutes such as steaks and mushrooms.
Food regulation process are known to undergo a prolonged period, this could force a decrease in the quality and safety of artificial meat.
Sequel to the point above, the resolve of FDA and other organizations to have the meat labelled by companies pose a threat to consumers’ trust. Labelling without adequate information on how it`s being made/what`s in the food could confuse buyers.
Some groups or cultures are not convinced to consume lab-grown meat. They believe it`s against the law of procreation thereby renders it unlawful and harmful.
The production of laboratory grown meat could remove existing agriculture jobs from contributing to the economy.
The cause of world hunger is much more economical and political in which lab grown meat can’t profer solutions to. This should be addressed other than looking for more production processes.

You aren’t convinced that investing in cattle would turn your life, around for good? You don’t see reasons other than saving the world which might be less beneficial to you? You are wondering if cattle is profilic and sells, fast? Have got answers to your questions, let’s roll;

A secured market; When will the market level encounter a drop? Demand for beef will keep increasing as long as humans exist. Their is no stop time for cattle breeding as it’s consumed far and near by both man and woman without religious constraints.
Market is nearby and open; Transportation of beef is easy as markets are located in nearby places. Market is rarely closed, it’s open almost everyday as beef consumption is on daily basis.
Time constraints might not hinder you; Gone are those days in which the traditional way of rearing cattle is rampant. The world is turned to the era of nomadic herders and contract-breeders; the modern way.
Cattle breeding has high returns if properly managed the costs will be lesser than the expected profits.
Natural beef is much more safe and less expensive than lab meats. You can vouch that all classes of people can buy from your products.

In conclusion, increased beef production will quench the world’s quest for its consumption. But in one way or the other, you might have constraints in investing cattle prior to time, expertise or housing. Contacting nomadic herders might be very stressful arising from lack of understanding, exposure of your cattle to unfavourable conditions amidst pests and diseases.

Here at Hastom Nigeria, we help our clients manage their cattle investments in high favourable conditions thus facilitating maximum profitable returns. For more information about our cattle investment plan, send a notification of interest to us at hello@hastomnigeria.com




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