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June 6, 2017
Plastic Bottle House – Hastom Nigeria

Plastic Bottle House

German’s Andreas Froese’s founded of ‘ECO-TECH’ in 2001 with headquarters at Honduras Central America, and the organization has done more than 50 eco-friendly projects at Honduras, Columbia, Bolivia and has worked with Govt., Non-Govt., and international organization with its developed technology of building housing structures from pet bottles, even to water tanks. The idea has won lots of environmental awards for innovation. One care area of its relevance is that it’s an environmental friendly concept that has helped significantly in avoiding plastic menace.

Building with Bottles breeds some has starling merits over the convectional use of bricks in building and construction and it’s also a very effective solution for reusing the plastic. Bottles have the following advantages over bricks and other construction materials.

Low cost – plastic bottles are relatively cheap
Non-Brittle – (Unlike bricks)
Absorbs abrupt shock loads – Since they are not brittle, they can take up heavy loads without failure.
Bio climatic
Less construction material
Easy to build
Green Construction

It’s a technology not in steady use in Africa continent. Having innovation as one of core values made it easy for us to embark on our own “Eco Tech” project. We are currently building a three bedroom flat, one of the structures to be in Hastom Green City project currently undertaken by Hastom Global Services Ltd.

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