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June 6, 2017
Hastom Green City

Hastom Green City

Hastom Green City is a 1320hectare agro-city that is been planned and positioned to be the engagement point for agriculture, trade, and tourism. We plan to create from the city investment opportunities through leverage on the brand’s commercial value. It’s also been planned to be the best agricultural center ever through our through our Agro-Tourism concept: A center of adventure, learning and relaxation where people from all over the world are welcome to blossom in the fondness of nature and flaunt in the aura of our agro-paradise. Features are a Golf course, Cattle ranch; Horse stables/Horse racing, Food and cash crop production, Aquaculture, apiary, livestock, a research institute, modern agro-training center, agro-processing center, fishing and hunting, zoo, and weight management/fitness center, and many more. The city will provide hundreds of jobs for the unemployed populace. Urbanization will evolve for the remote town where it is situated and revenues generated from local and foreign visitors, hence, improving the economy and building the nation in a grand scale.

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