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August 6, 2019





As much as food is in constant demand and supply, it is notable that there is almost no perfect market for agricultural produce. The ultimate goal is to reach and satisfy consumption which of course is insatiable with the sporadic increase in population all over the planet.  Every reasonable producer would desire to cultivate, sell at a very profitable level and satisfy consumers with disease-free foods and fruits. The chain of production starts from farmers to middlemen which include wholesalers and retailers at varying levels to the final consumers. A jump in the cycle sometimes make the farmer reach the consumers, directly. This is fast, more effective and costs less as the consumers gets fresh, cheap and the farmers gets their cash instantly and do not have to bother about the various layers of obstruction middlemen pose.  It is pertinent to have seamless knowledge of how the market operates.

Mr. XYZ decided to practice absentee farming and the farm produce came out fine.  But then, he had grips of fear that the farmers will cheat him, he then went on to sell himself.  He couldn’t have forgotten how they helped cultivate his farmland and didn’t dupe him. On the said day, he went for price listing at the several markets, beforehand. The confusion started when prices vary relatively with the various merchants interviewed. Prices kept increasing with distance from local areas to the cities. He took his farm produce to a city about to his residence. It was alright until he could not sell more than 40% at the end of the day, with no place for him to stay, no outlet to pack the goods into and the driver had to return. He was caught in between. A sound knowledge of the market mechanism would have enlightened him on the prevailing  terms and conditions before he ventured into it. And he would have been prepared, armed with the necessary negotiations skills and be abreast with the current market prices at various locations and the average price.  He had to sell at lower prices to the buyers, near giveaway prices so he could pay the driver and return home. He could not afford to cover the costs of production, running at a loss other than profits.

Over the years, as the pioneer for absentee farming most especially cashew cultivation in Nigeria, our clients’ most asked question is “how do I market this”? Our answer has been that; If you allow us handle the selling of your farm produce, we would handle the stress and marketing while you receive cash at your comfort zone. In 2018 alone, our farm produced over 30,000 cashew fruits which we sold via offline marketing, e-mail marketing and social media ads. With the steady knowledge of how agricultural markets operate. We have ready suppliers and buyers, making our channel active every harvesting season. Producing high quality farm commodities did not just pop up, it had taken in much of our expertise, conscious time and effort.  Our growing cashew plantation churned out an average of thirty tons of  cashew nuts weekly in the last harvesting season. And this is a start point for us. Hastom Nigeria is becoming a force to reckon with in the cashew commodity trade business not just as a major cashew cultivating company in Ogbomoso, but also provides a platform for aggregating quality cashew nuts en mass.

Preparations are on top gear towards the next commodity trading season and you can be a player in this market too. Rest assured however that Hastom Nigeria is your best bet if you are new to the cashew commodity trade game because as lucrative as it is, like Mr. XYZ, it can spell doom for all your investment dreams if you venture into it ignorantly.

The beauty of the agricultural world is that,  it’s a free playing field for everyone, but the loopholes are as vast as its opportunities.

Agriculture is beautiful, so is the cashew trade, how much more trading in a place with the reputation for having the best cashew nuts world over, Ogbomoso.





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