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July 26, 2019



Charity they say,  begins at home. The days when we chose to be doctors, lawyers and engineers without any preliminary experience had flew like plane. It’s landed us to where we are, right now. In those days, we hardly see a child who wants to be a farmer. The exception comes when one of his parents cultivate or he’s exposed to farming from time.

Today, it won’t skip our notice that old men and women are the producers of the food we consume while young people are propelling towards the knowledge of books.
It would be very normal until the World hunger keeps rising till forever when producers keeps decreasing and consumers, increasing.

What is the way out?
We having more young people in farming. These young people would train the upcoming generations and it goes on and on, like that.

I will argue that agriculture upholds other professions. Envision/imagine a situation whereby the mouth goes on strike, who doesn’t know what that the hands, legs, kidney, heart and brain stops functioning?
Let’s invest in agriculture so you and I can still be on our feet, go to work, parties, religious etc.

Today, we were opportune to make a presentation at the closing ceremony/end-of-the-year party at Kingdom heritage model high school. It was in a bid to encourage the children most especially the ones that excelled in agriculture. Introducing agriculture to grassroots will enhance their love for farming thus grow their passion.



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